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Earthquake prediction with Astrology

Astrologers have been concerned with correlations between celestial events and terrestrial traumas from the very beginning of time and astrology.

The Mesopotamians, as well as other ancient peoples, viewed earthquakes, plagues, droughts, and the similar as being tied to such unusual heavenly occurrences as eclipses and comets.

For their part, contemporary astrologers have viewed everything from the heliocentric nodes of the planets to the interaction of Uranus with specific planetary configurations as influencing earthquakes.

Look for the Moon in an earth sign.

The Moon's orbit is elliptical rather than circular. The point farthest away from Earth is the Moon's apogee; the closest point is the Moon's perigee.

The distance between Earth and the Moon varies 14% every 15 days. Clearly, the gravitational force exerted by the Moon on Earth is greatest during a perigee, making the potential for earthquakes greater when syzygys occur during perigees. The Santa Cruz, California, earthquake of October 1989 took place a few days after a perigean full moon.

The combination of an eclipse with a lunar perigee is almost certain to lead to a terrestrial upheaval somewhere on our planet.

A good reference source for determining both perigees and eclipses is Neil F. Michelsen's Tables of Planetary Phenomena.

Another, non-astrological factor that acts, as a predictor is the odd behavior of animals prior to an earthquake.

Observe that the number of missing animals reported in newspapers, for instance, shoots up just before an earthquake, as if they were somehow responding to a change in Earth's magnetic field.

In Helmut Tributsch's When the Snakes Awake, "based on a popular brochure printed in China in 1973," that describes the behavior of animals before an earthquake: "Cattle, sheep, mules and horses do not enter corrals. Pigs do not eat, and dogs bark madly. Ducks do not enter water and stay on shore.  Chickens fly up into trees and scream loudly. Rats move their homes and flee. Hibernating snakes leave their burrows early and may freeze. Big cats pick up little ones and run. Frightened pigeons continuously fly and do not return to nests. Rabbits raise their ears, jump aimlessly and bump things. Fish are frightened and jump above water surface. Bees move their hives, making noise."

Therefore, beware of perigean syzygys. And if Fido starts acting strangely around the time of an eclipse, watch out!

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The problem with all current methods is that, after an upheaval has occurred, it is easy enough to look back at a chart for the given day and point out the various factors that appear to be correlated with the event.

Prediction, however, is another matter. Although many have claimed to find the key to earthquake prediction, no factor yet discovered dependably predicts such upheavals.

The closest thing to a reliable "earthquake factor" is a syzygy an alignment of three celestial bodies in a straight line involving Earth, the Sun, and the Moon.

Syzygys occur every new and full moon; exact syzygys occur during eclipses a partial verification of ancient astrology.

Researchers who have observed this correlation speculate that it is the larger gravitational force — generated by the combined gravity of the Sun and the Moon pulling together or apart along the same axis — that disturbs the crust of the Earth and sets the stage for an earthquake that may occur immediately or within a week of the syzygy.

In addition to the exactness of the alignment, also pay attention to the distance of the Moon from Earth and, to a lesser extent, the distance of the Sun from Earth.

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