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Cancer, the fourth sign of the zodiac

Cancer - June 21 to July 22
Cancer “Latin for crab”, the fourth sign of the zodiac, is a cardinal water sign.

It is a negative, in the value-neutral sense of being negatively charged, feminine sign ruled by the Moon.

Cancer is small and dim constellation, and to many it does not resemble a crab.

Cancerians are best known for their attachment to home and, like the turtle, would be happy to carry their house everywhere if only they could! Maybe they’d do well in a motor home?

Although homebodies, they enjoy travel if they know they have a secure home to which they can always return. Like Carcinus, they are strongly attached to their mother (or to the more nurturing parent) and tend to be nurturing parents themselves.

They are highly sensitive individuals who are easily "crushed," which is why they have developed an emotional "shell" within which they can retreat.

They are moodier than any of the other signs of the zodiac, and food represents emotional security to them. Cancers worst faults are worrying, clinging to others, an inability to let go when something is over,

Like all water signs, they regard emotions as more real than any other aspect of life. Because the moon, which rules this sign, has no light of its own but shines by the reflected light of the Sun.

There is a wealth of information available on the characteristics of the zodiacal signs—so much that one webpage would not be able to contain it all.

One traditional way in which astrologers condense information is by summarizing sign and planet traits in lists of words and short phrases called key words or key phrases.

The following Cancer key words are drawn from Manly P. Hall's Astrological Keywords:

Emotional key words: "Artistic and dreamy, despondent, domestic, imaginative, impressionable, intuitive, kindhearted, maternal, psychic, restless, romantic, serene, sometimes lazy and self-indulgent".

Mental key words: "Versatile, self-sacrificing, receptive, expresses great veneration for ancestry and precedent, thorough, persevering, cautious, reserved, brooding".

To learn more about Cancer Sun Sign Astrology, and how this sign fits into the Zodiac see

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Astrology Birthday Cancer FAQ
Its symbol is the crab, and its glyph is said to represent the two claws of a crab. It takes its name from the Latin word for crab.

A moody sign, Cancer is the source of the term crabby.

Cancer Birthday persons are associated with the stomach and the breasts, and people with a Cancer sun sign are prone to digestion and weight problems, too much or too little. The key phrase for Cancer is "I feel".

Cancer, like many of the other signs of the zodiac, does not have a developed mythology. During the second labor of Hercules, a hero noted for his strength; performed 12 immense labors to gain immortality large constellation in the northern hemisphere between Lyra and Corona Borealis.

During the second feat or test, while Hercules was struggling against the many-headed hydra, a giant crab bit him on the heel to create a diversion.

Hercules, however, crushed the giant crab underfoot. This crab, Carcinus the common shore crab, Greek for crayfish, Karkinos is the Greek word for crab. The Giant Crab was an ally of Hera, queen mother of the gods, who opposed Hercules.

Hera was mainly worshipped as a goddess of marriage and birth.

The crab was rewarded for self-sacrificing loyalty when Hera promoted it to distinction as the constellation Cancer.

The sign Cancer is often compared with a turtle the symbol for Cancer in the Babylonian zodiac, and a rich source of symbolic associations for Cancer can be found in the image of the turtle, another shoreline dweller.
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