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What is fate destiny & predestination?

Fate (destiny or predestination)
is the belief that events—and,
especially, human lives—follow
an irrevocable script:

What we are experiencing at this moment was inevitable and could not have possibly been different. The belief implies that the future is predetermined, in that there is no way of avoiding what will happen.

However, the nature of astrological consulting work refutes this perception: Clients consult astrologers about the future to better direct their lives.

A businessman, for example, consult an astrologer in order to select the best time to sign a contract. Selecting an auspicious moment clearly implies freedom of choice.

The freedom to select from several different possible futures.

In other words, if the outcome of the contract and the time one signed it were rigidly fated, it would make no sense to make an effort to choose the best moment.

Rather than "predicting the future," what astrologers actually do is describe upcoming planetary conditions, with the understanding that clients have the free will to respond to planetary influences in different ways.

A traditional astrological adage is that "The stars incline; they do not compel."

Like a meteorologist forecasting the weather, an astrologer can only predict upcoming planetary conditions. Whether or not one chooses to go for a picnic on the day a meteorologist predicts rain—or on the day an astrologer advises that one stay at home—is one's free choice.

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Because the word "prediction" seems to connote an irrevocable destiny, and because astrologers sometimes talk about "predicting" the future, astrology has often been accused of assuming—or even of advocating—a notion of rigid predetermination.
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