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The Aspects of the Sun

Aspects of the Sun

The aspects made by the Sun to other planets and to the angles of the chart are of extreme importance in your Horoscopes interpretation, since the effect of the planets on the Sun gives a very clear indication of the way in which its own influence from sign and house will be expressed in your chartthat is being studied. You will discover occasions when an aspect may complement your Sun sign characteristics, and perhaps others when it may conflict. When this happens it is, of course, important to assess carefully the importance of the aspect. If it is a major one without a wide orb, its influence will be powerful, and should be incorporated into your final interpretation. If the orb is wide between seven or eight degrees, the chances are that the aspect will be less important. If the aspect is between the Sun and the ruling planet of the chart, it should not be ignored even if it is minor, for it will be strongly personalized and thus play an important role in your birth chart.

This occurs when a subject is born at or very near the time of the New Moon, and is a focal point of the chart. Usually both the Sun and Moon will fall in the same sign and house, therefore the characteristics of the Sun sign will also be present on an instinctive and intuitive level for the individual. He or she will respond to all situations in the manner of the Sun sign concerned. The influence of the Moon sign and its house position should be carefully related to the characteristics indicated by the Sun's position. These will be similar but, in the case of the Moon sign, will be on the level of the personality while, where the Moon's house placing is concerned, the effects will be expressed in a more physical manner. Should Mercury or Venus fall in the same sign as this potent conjunction, the individual may show a certain imbalance since the basic Sun sign characteristics, although working at different levels, will be almost too powerful for comfort. The conjunction does not always fall in the same sign or house. When this occurs the individual concerned can feel the same inner conflict, restlessness or discontent that is often present when a negative aspect exists between these planets.

Positive aspects
These are an integrating factor within the chart, helping the individual to understand and come to terms with his or her personality. If there is a trine aspect, and both plants arc of the same element, the flow of natural enthusiasm (fire), practicality (earth), intellectual ability (air) or emotion (water) will be positive. The blending of the instincts and reactions (as shown by the Moon) will also complement the individual's character (as shown by the Sun). The sextile is also helpful, and has a similar but less powerfully integrating effect, usually emphasizing either extrovert (when derived from positive signs) or introvert (negative signs) tendencies. The constitution in this case is usually healthy.

Negative aspects
The individual may be prone to inner discontent and restlessness that can be hard to resolve. Changes of mood and the inability to rest content can cause difficulties, sometimes within emotional relationships, where other problems can also arise. The opposition (which occurs when the subject is born at Full Moon) emphasizes the polarity between the two signs concerned. The square accentuates the quadruplicity, making the individual rather more outgoing (when cardinal signs are involved), stubborn (fixed signs) or flexible (mutable signs). Worry, or a tendency to emotional restlessness, may tend to cause minor, but ongoing, health problems. If a minor aspect is present these interpretations will be far less prominent and should not be given too much emphasis in your interpretation.

When the progressed Sun aspects the natal Moon, there will be a gradual period of psychological development that almost inevitably leads to the making of long-term changes, often with an instinctive conviction that the time is right to do so. Sometimes alterations in the career will cause a domestic move, or there will be a desperate need for some kind of change. If the Sun and Moon form an aspect in the birth chart, its nature will enable you to assess just how easy or difficult the period of change will be. A major aspect will color the life, albeit often subtly, for about three years, and when this symbolic progression is triggered off by powerful transits the individual" life will become eventful. When you offer advice, refer to the complete birth chart to see how well he or she will approach the problems that arise at such a time.

Only a conjunction or minor semi sextile can be formed between these planets, because (as we see it from Earth) Mercury can never be more than 28 degrees from the Sun. These aspects are best related to the sign placing of the planets concerned. If the planets fall in the same sign, the individual will think in the same' of the Sun sign. If Mercury is in the preceding or following sign, then the mind will work according to that sign If the Sun and Mercury form a close conjunction - less than five degrees this traditionally indicates that the individual is a slow developer. These aspects, unless hampered by other influences, can give optimism and enthusiasm, and the desire for worldly progress is often enhanced.

When one of these planets forms progressed aspects to the natal or progressed position of the other, necessary practical changes will take place in the subject's life. Decisions will have to be reached, and he or she should be encouraged to be objective and think of the long-term effects of any actions. Ask yourself how decisive, quick thinking or not he may be. Sometimes greater intellectual challenge or stimulus is needed, or the inspiration to write becomes evident. While only the conjunction and semi-sextile are possible in the birth chart, because of the progression the Sun and Mercury can make many more aspects to each other in the progressed chart. If an aspect is negative, some nervous strain and tension may be present but on the whole it will stimulate the intellect. The individual will look at problems critically, but may well need constructive advice about which direction to take. There can be a need to increase the education, for self-improvement, and all Mercurial concerns from the car to media involvement may be apparent.

Only the conjunction, semi-sextile and semi-square can be formed between these planets, as the Sun and Venus are never more than 48 degrees apart.

Conjunction and semi-sextile
If both planets fall in the same sign, love and affection will be shown. Your attitude to money and possessions will be denoted by the Sun sign, but strengthened by the conjunction. If there is a conjunction, you are usually loving and enjoy the more sybaritic pleasures of life, sometimes to the point of self-indulgence, weight gain and other problems may result. Usually there is added kindness and generosity, since the blending of the powerful solar vitality with Venus' sympathy and need to relate gives positive, happy qualities to you, and will be charming and if the sign placing permits, easygoing.

If the conjunction is afflicted by an opposition or square from the Moon or Saturn, there will almost inevitably be disappointment to you and a certain unhappiness in the emotional life. The semi-sextile is not a strong feature, but with it and the conjunction there is nearly always an appreciation of beautiful things, such as people, art and music. If Mercury is involved, there will be a talent for creative craftwork.

The semi-square
This is a major aspect between these planets, and tends to increase the possibility of a breakdown in marriage or a permanent relationship.

Positive aspects
These can herald a very happy period, and are the traditional indication of marriage or the development of a permanent relationship. If these aspects do not affect the emotional life, a prosperous period is likely to occur instead. Life will certainly have its enjoyable moments - especially when transits echo these lively progressions.

Negative aspects
If there is a semi-sextile between the Sun and Venus in the chart, or should either planet progress to form a semisquare to the other, stress may afflict your emotional life. If the difficulties can be lived through and communication between the couple is good, any problems should be resolved, but care will be needed for about a year or so. Alternately, there may be money troubles rather than emotional ones.

A virtual powerhouse of energetic resources fuels the individual. This is because Mars contributes to our physical energy and the Sun adds to our vitality. It is important for there to be plenty of positive channels for these resources demanding sporting activities or some kind of hard manual work, for instance.

The emotional energies are often heightened too, especially if the planets occupy a water sign, when the energy can be expressed through the devotion to a cause or an ideal. Selfishness can be present, and the Arian pioneering spirit and need to win will also emerge - remember that Mars rules Aries and the Sun is exalted in this sign. Headaches may often occur and, because of undue haste, you can be slightly accident-prone. There will be plenty of physical strength and sometimes also a wiry athletic frame. Bravery and daring are characteristic, and there is often heroism, with considerable dash and panache. The sex life will be lively, to say the least! Care is needed that a tendency to work too hard is countered, and that risk taking does not become combined with foolhardiness.

Positive aspects
Many of the characteristics of the conjunction are seen in the trine and sextile, but the more extreme tendencies will be better controlled, as these are less potent aspects. There will be excellent resources of energy, but the tendency to take risks or work too hard will be reduced. The flow of energy, whether emotional or physical, will be well channeled, and the individual will be vigorous, but not too overtly so.

Negative aspects
Strain and tension due to overwork can become a problem, and unless there are counter-indications in your chart, there will be a very strong tendency to sudden anger or even rage. If this can be controlled and the you can be made aware of the negative effects such outbreaks can have on your loved ones and colleagues, the energy-source, which is as powerful as that of the conjunction (minor negative aspects apart) can be used to advantage.

Nevertheless, help will be needed when the individual comes to terms with his or her personality, or when the anger has been the cause of stress or unhappiness in others. The root cause of such problems might well be identifiable as sexual frustration or an uncooperative partner.

An extremely demanding and hardworking period is highly likely, with plenty of challenge or excitement. The end product should be considerable personal achievement. The effects of the conjunction will last for three years; with the middle year being the most important as the influence will then be at its strongest. This is an exciting time: the energies will be stretched, but a positive individual will gain much from these powerfully beneficial planetary energies. There will be periods of strain and tension (not too difficult to detect from the patterns of transits, lunar progressions and so on).

Positive aspects
The effects of these are similar to the conjunction. However, the influence is less strong, and while extra demands will be made on the individual, his or her channeling of energy will be steady, so that it can be used as and when it is required. There will be a need to set new, challenging projects or goals and to achieve a great deal. The prevailing mood will be optimistic and perhaps a bit aggressive when dealing with competitors.

Negative aspects
Impress upon yourself, while there is no need for apprehension or worry, you could simply take on too much during this period, and as a result will work too strenuously and become overtaxed. Aggravation and petty annoyance caused by others could become disproportionate, simply because the subject is feeling tense. You must learn to conserve energy (not always easy) and pace yourself in all spheres of your life.


Traditionally, this is one of the most fortunate aspects of all. We never use the word "lucky" because of its fortune-telling overtones, but nevertheless the subject with this aspect does seem to have more than a fair measure of good, or at any rate easy, fortune. Optimistic, the individual usually has a warm sense of humor too. Tradition also suggests that when any money is needed it is usually found, whether or not the subject is well off. "Expansion", the Jupiter keyword, is relevant, for there is usually a liking for good food and wine, and therefore a tendency to gain weight; sometimes indigestion is a problem. The intellect is excellent and there is potential for its expansion, resulting in a wonderfully philosophical outlook. There is usually no lack of ambition, but this is not colored by ruthlessness of any kind. Consider the influence of Jupiter's sign placing - which in most cases will be the same as the important Sun sign - and add this interesting gloss to its other characteristics.

Positive aspects
These have a similar effect to that of the conjunction, but there can sometimes be less of an inclination to make a really serious effort to expand horizons and develop intellectual potential to the full. Despite this, such pursuits as chess and literature will be enjoyed. If Venus is strong, the tendency to take life easily and to give it over to pleasure will certainly emerge and the outlook will be positive and optimistic. There may be an interest in the law and publishing, and if a flair for teaching emerges in other areas of the chart these aspects will support it. The subject is not particularly competitive.

Negative aspects
The sense of perspective can all too easily be lost, and this must be realized. There is also a strong tendency to exaggerate and, when viewing the broad, overall concept of a project, to ignore the finer details completely, glossing over them in a way that can cause quite serious problems for the individual at a later date. A lack of moderation is usually one of the worst faults, and must be countered. Sometimes, gambling and the reckless investment of money (and emotions) is a problem, and if a tendency towards negative escapism through drugs or drink is shown elsewhere in the chart, it will be increased here. If several planets are in earth signs, and other aspects show steadying qualities, the negative indications will be less potent, and the Jupiter sense of humor and bonhomie will shine through.


An important period in the subject's life is usually signaled. Should the Sun be personalized, if Sagittarius is on the Midheaven, or if Jupiter and the Sun are in aspect in the birth chart, the chances are that the individual will receive some kind of accolade: an award or prize, or perhaps a grant for further study, if young, may be won through competition. Note the strength of Jupiter's transits during the period involved (which will be about three years). If a Jupiter Return occurs, or the planet is prominent in any other way, life will definitely be very rewarding for the individual, who must be encouraged to wear any laurel wreath that comes his or her way - and indeed to rest on those laurels for a while afterward!

Positive aspects
These aspects denote a progressive and usually happy period. The traffic lights are set at green, so encourage your subject to push ahead with plans and not to indulge in false modesty. This may be hard for less extrovert types, but Jupiter usually helps them to take center stage a little more readily.

Negative aspects
The subject must assess every move carefully as life will not be easy. This is a especially important when legal document or contracts are to be signed: the small print must be read with great care. Sadly, people are often disinclined to take such precautions under this influence, and a tendency to rush in can lead to considerable difficulties. Financial advice should be sought and acted upon, and the diet controlled. Caution and moderation must be developed, as all too often silly and sometimes serious mistakes can be made - especially if Neptune forms many transits at the same time.

It has been accepted astrologically, for thousands of years, that the Sun and Saturn are "enemies" - one providing vitality, the other tending to restrain it. Therefore, when they form a conjunction, the Sun's action will be channeled and limited by the powerful intervention of Saturn. If most of the aspects from other planets are positive, the influence will merely act as a brake and a stabilizer: for instance, a fire sign Sun will be governed and the more extreme characteristics steadied. However, should there be square aspects to the Sun and/or Saturn especially from the Moon - the Sun sign characteristics will be clouded. If the conjunction is in Capricorn, the qualities attributed to the sign will be enhanced, since Saturn rules it. There will be shyness and lack of self-confidence; generally speaking, especially when the subject is young, but there is a strong possibility that he or she will come to terms with this later on, and often ambition and determination will be present. The conjunction is a very powerful focal point in the chart, especially when contacted by transits and progressions from other planets. Rheumatic problems can arise, so exercise of the joints is advisable.

Positive aspects
Common sense and a practical, restrained outlook will be evident. Sometimes enthusiasm can be quenched and apprehension heightened, especially when the individual is confronted by a challenge. However, these traits should not seriously hinder the individual, and it is only when shyness and a lack of self-confidence are indicated elsewhere that the effects of the trine and sextile become a problem. In most cases they add a sense of purpose and determination and, as the Sun and Saturn are on good terms, they encourage the subject to achieve ambitions and reach the top in any chosen field. Caution and circumspection will be present, with risks taken only after the most careful calculation.

Negative aspects
Here the Sun and Saturn are at loggerheads, and these potent aspects often have a very restrictive effect. The semisextile should not be over-interpreted, but the other minor aspects will have a stronger influence than usual. Sometimes the health is undermined, with frequent aches and pains and a tendency to catch colds and chills easily. A lack of self-confidence, however, is the real problem, and if the individual suffered from an unsympathetic or over-critical parent, it will not be easy for such early influences to be overcome. At worst there will be a strong sense of deficiency and so (especially if the aspect is exact or has a close orb say less than four degrees) self-confidence must be built up the hard way. This influence is not always entirely negative by any means, and the opposition is always less inhibiting than the square. The former, in a chart where there is otherwise much positive enthusiasm (with fire and air present, perhaps where Jupiter and Venus hold court and there are many trines), will be a welcome restraining influence and anchorage, bringing much stability and injecting common sense.

ASTROLOGY BIRTHDAY - Aspects of the Sun

An extremely important and possibly critical period, likely to last for about three years, is indicated when these planets are in conjunction by progression (whether or not they relate to each other in the birth chart). Additional responsibilities are likely, plus increased prestige, and the individual will cope well, although the attainment of ambition may mean adopting a rather sober outlook on life for a while. Indeed, the tendency to make sacrifices for an ultimate goal could become exaggerated, and the pleasures of family life should not be forsaken; relaxation must be encouraged. Important changes are probable, perhaps due to new circumstances.

Positive aspects
These are similar to the conjunction in effect, but the events and eventual outcome are likely to be less crucially important both at the time and in the long-term. Progress bringing additional responsibilities is very likely, as is planning for the future. This is a serious but constructive influence.

Negative aspects
A difficult period is indicated, when progress can be slow. A great deal may be learned the hard way, and if mistakes are made they won't be repeated. This is a "Thou shalt not" influence; however, because of lessons learned, the subject will emerge wiser and probably more psychologically whole. Issues must not be forced especially when restrictive transits are operative. However, when the transits are positive and steady, cautious moves may be made, giving achievement and satisfaction. The minor aspects add to a slowing down of progress from time to time, and vitality must be watched.

This is an extremely powerful aspect that often provokes rebelliousness, eccentric behavior patterns and unpredictability. However, scientific ability or creative flair can also be present, and if a consistency of effort is developed, much will be achieved. The need for a powerful position incites a near-obsessive driving force in some cases, especially if the conjunction receives aspects from Mars or Pluto, or if both the Sun and Uranus occupy the tenth house of the chart. The subject must consciously develop restraint and control - look to the influence of Saturn, which may help.

Positive aspects
Originality, and often-personal magnetism, adds spice to the Sun's influence. If Venus is well placed, there can be dynamic sexual attraction and charm. If the Sun occupies an extrovert sign, powers of leadership and popularity will be enhanced. The emotional and nervous energy is increased and will be shown in positive ways. These aspects, especially the trine, also contribute alertness and a certain enthusiastic driving force, which may be somewhat erratically expressed.

This is an extremely powerful aspect that often provokes rebelliousness, eccentric behavior patterns and unpredictability. However, scientific ability or creative flair can also be present, and if a consistency of effort is developed, much will be achieved. The need for a powerful position incites a near-obsessive driving force in some cases, especially if the conjunction receives aspects from Mars or Pluto, or if both the Sun and Uranus occupy the tenth house of the chart. The subject must consciously develop restraint and control - look to the influence of Saturn, which may help.

Positive aspects
Originality, and often-personal magnetism, adds spice to the Sun's influence. If Venus is well placed, there can be dynamic sexual attraction and charm. If the Sun occupies an extrovert sign, powers of leadership and popularity will be enhanced. The emotional and nervous energy is increased and will be shown in positive ways. These aspects, especially the trine, also contribute alertness and a certain enthusiastic driving force, which may be somewhat erratically expressed.

Negative aspects
Perversity, stubbornness and other negative traits are often present, especially with the square. Self-willed behavior can cause problems. Periods of tension may occur, and the individual will be "difficult" from time to time, although other indications may be mitigating influences. The action of the Sun and Uranus can be turned to good, however, since some very powerful planetary energies contribute positive potential. A social conscience should be developed, with the humanitarian side of Uranus allowed to influence the behavior, which must not become vainglorious. The individual's sexuality can sometimes be affected. This is especially so for men, who tend to feel the effects of all Sun/Uranus contacts more potently than women. The square has been said to indicate homosexuality.

[Continued] ~Aspects of the Sun



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