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The Sun through the Houses

Astrology Birthday - The Sun Through the Houses

Because of the great importance of the Sun in both the birth and progressed charts, its sign influence has been covered in detail in other pages on this website. By now you will no doubt have absorbed the interpretations, which have special significance both for yourself and for those dear to you. This, therefore, is the time to consider the next level of influence that the Sun exerts in the birth chart - its house position. The Sun represents our vitality and self-expression, so its house position will show in which sphere of life the individual will direct those energies.

This placing is vitally important for the Sun. Because the subject will have been born very near sunrise, it is extremely likely that the Sun and rising signs will be the same. Such people are known as "double Cancerians", "double Librans" and so on, for the Sun sign and Ascendant sign characteristics and motivations will be those of the same sign. The influence of the Sun, and the effects of the planet ruling the Sun and Ascending signs will also be considerably increased will dominate the whole chart. Self-absorption may be a result of this emphasis on the first house, and the individual should be aware of any tendencies towards selfishness, trying to counter them whenever possible.

Health and well-being
Consider the health not only in relation to the sign that the Sun occupies but also to the aspects that it receives. For instance, there may be a tendency to nervous strain and tension (square aspect to Uranus), exuberant physical energy (trine to Mars), digestive problems or biliousness (squares or oppositions to the Moon or Jupiter respectively), and so on. A certain Leonine coloring is given to the personality when the Sun is in the first house. (Queen Victoria, a double Gemini, is a superb example.) The bearing will be regal, and the back and heart will need the special attention that is advisable for those who have Leo prominent in their birth charts. Equally, because this is the Aries house, the subject will be motivated to win, to be first, and will have the necessary competitive spirit.

The acquisition of possessions is extremely important to the subject, who will feel a great sense of pride in showing these off on every possible occasion. He or she will not simply want to gloat over an ever-increasing bank balance or folio of stocks and shares, but rather will want the world to know of such success. Generosity is usual unless it is mitigated by other influences (a "careful" Sun sign, for instance). In some cases the acquisitive powers can extend into the personal life, with the partner becoming yet another possession. The Taurean tendency is to own, and when the Sun is in the second house the attitude is "Look this is mine!" If this happens, problems can arise since the subject is insensitively bulldozing over the real needs of his partner.

A good life
Pleasure is important to the individual, such as a concentration on enjoyment of expensive, rich food in glamorous surroundings. All of these tendencies will be encouraged by positive aspects between the Sun and Jupiter, while either an opposition or a square may make the subject go overboard in second house matters. Venus will not be very far away if the Sun is in the second house - and do not forget that Venus rules this house. If there is an aspect between the Sun and Venus, the influence of the Sun's house position will be increased, especially in relation to the overall influence of Venus itself. Hard work will always be undertaken to achieve the subject's ever-increasing materialistic needs - his solar vitality will be powered by the material results of his efforts and he will bask in the light of any glory that comes his way.

The intellectual capacity is exploited to the full with this placing. Whether the subject is bright or slow, there will certainly be a powerful urge to make the mind work, and should the individual feel there was something lacking in his or her early education, the impulse to make up for it will be strong. Having achieved that, she might well go much further, eventually (perhaps rather late in life) gaining some striking academic achievements. If you meet a subject in this position, try to encourage such a development and discourage any tendency to rest on lesser laurels. In such a case, a positive expression of pride and fulfillment will spring from this solar placing. The need to communicate will be extremely powerful (what is communicated will, of course, depend on the nature of the Sun sign and its attributes). For instance, to oversimplify, someone with a Libran Sun in the third house would be keen to discuss the intimacies of relationships, while another person much involved with her career could, perhaps, make an excellent public relations officer for whatever firm she works for, advertising its products to great effect.

The influence of Mercury
This is the Gemini/Mercury house: Mercury may well occupy the third house with the Sun, in which case this house will be very important in the full interpretation. In any case, Mercury will be nearby, so be sure to consider its placing in relation to the third house Sun.

The vitality and self-expression of the Sun will find a positive outlet in the creation of a good home and happy family life. Parenthood is the essential at the core of this house, but before deciding how the subject will enact the role of father or mother, you must study the Sun sign itself very carefully. An exuberant fire sign Sun will make for an equally exuberant, enthusiastic parent; a sensitive sign, such as Pisces or Cancer, will give a parent who is more intuitive and introspective. A difficult opposition from Saturn will at worst dampen down the individual's enthusiasm, making him or her feel that children are a burden, or perhaps insist on too much discipline.

The influence of the Moon
This is the Cancer/Moon house, so the placing of the Moon in the birth chart should also be carefully considered, especially if it receives any aspects from the Sun. Early parental influences are, of course, always vital to the development of every individual, but with the Sun in the fourth house, an in-depth understanding of the background and attitude of the parents is essential to future fulfillment. An element of creative energy will be channeled into redecoration, sewing, and other work that enhances the home.

A need for emotional security Familiar surroundings will instill a sense of security in the subject, who may be reluctant to stray far from home. However, the influence of the Sun's sign will hold sway. For example, if the sign is extroverted and adventurous, a compromise will be reached when the individual comes to terms with other areas of his personality.

The Sun shines very brightly indeed from the fifth house, since it is the house of the Sun itself and of its own sign, Leo.

A sense of achievement
Ambition will be very strong, and very probably (unless the Sun is really battered by negative aspects) the individual will not be averse to showing off. He or she may not necessarily take center stage, but will usually enjoy displaying any creative achievements. This is the house of children, so if the subject is a parent she will tend to push her children to the forefront (sometimes to their embarrassment or reluctance). Care is needed that the parent does not push her offspring in the direction she once wished to take herself, thereby living vicariously through them.

The emotional expression
The love and sex lives are well focused, and while the Sun sign itself will denote the approach and attitude to love, the need for fulfillment and positive, rewarding expression will assume an importance that is greater than average. Emotional and physical risks are likely to be taken whether that is blindly or with calculation will depend entirely on the sign placing and the Sun's aspects. Nevertheless there may well be an inherent affection, or even a need, for danger (sometimes to life and limb), which may be satisfied through hazardous sports. The Prince of Wales is a case in point: his Scorpio Sun in the fifth house encouraged this tendency when he was younger (his Ascending sign is Leo). In some extreme cases the urge to gamble can become excessive - especially if the Sun is in Aries or Sagittarius or the Sun and Jupiter make a square or opposition aspect. Creativity and the urge to express it will be present and should always be positively and practically developed.

Health is strongly influenced by this house, so the Sun's vitalizing force will focus on the well being of the individual. His or her illnesses and vulnerabilities will be accentuated according to the Sun sign; there can be an over concentration on ailments, and perhaps undue worry about the general health and diet. Nevertheless, if the Sun is well aspected (especially by the Moon or Mars), the recuperative powers should be excellent and a positive attitude will prevail. The effect on the health and the whole physical well-being will be accentuated if the Sun makes an opposition aspect to the Ascendant. However, for this to happen the Sun must be within eight degrees (or ten at the most) of the cusp of the seventh house (the point exactly opposite the Ascending degree). This placing also emphasizes the sense of duty and routine. Therefore, when interpreting the effect of the Sun in the sixth house it is important to decide whether the individual is a slave to routine and tends to get in a rut or (perhaps because the Sun is placed in a fire or air sign) rebels against such restrictions in daily life.

The influence of Mercury
This is the Virgo/Mercury house, so the influence of Mercury and the sign in which it is placed will be important the planet won't be very far away in the birth chart. If Mercury shares this house with the Sun, it will increase the possibility of the individual finding satisfaction by developing his intellect and communicative powers. Indeed, work in communications and critical, or perhaps creative, writing could be enjoyed. Being of service to others or perhaps working as a personal assistant might also feature in a positive way and be a source of satisfaction.

The need to relate to others is extremely strong when the Sun falls in the seventh house, and there is a possibility that the individual with this placing will live for total commitment to a partner. In fact, care is needed that the subject's identity is not entirely submerged in that of the partner, and self-reliance must be developed if this pitfall is to be avoided. Much will be given to the partner, physically and emotionally, for the Sun's vitality will be expressed in this sphere of life.

The influence of Venus
This is the Venus/Libra house, so the placing of Venus in the chart will be extremely important. If it shares the seventh house with the Sun, it is highly probable that there will be an imbalance in the individual's personality, perhaps to such an extent that a lack of independence will be a real problem for him or her. Conflict will arise if a need for isolation is suggested in other areas of the chart, or if disappointment or unhappiness in the love life is indicated (square aspects from Venus to the Moon and Saturn respectively). In general terms, the individual must be aware of the need to balance his or her extremely powerful urge to relate to others and the desire for commitment with a proper realization of the self and its fulfillment.

Making partnerships
Taking pride in the partner is essential to the individual, and while at its best this placing can make him or her a wonderful "power behind the throne", the subject must develop a realistic attitude towards loved ones, or high expectations may be cruelly dashed. Reliance on the partner, moreover, must not be so great that separation presents very considerable psychological problems. When that happens, readjustment to life without the partner will be very difficult to achieve. Recognition of individual worth and the development of confidence in the self are essential. Tendencies towards emotional dependence will be even stronger if the Sun is in opposition aspect to the Ascendant (i.e. within eight or, at most ten, degrees of the cusp of the seventh house), when the polarity between the Ascending and seventh house signs will also be enhanced.
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