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Sun Through the Houses

Deep purposeful force and great emotional intensity are shown in this placing of the Sun. It is essential that the powers of intuition are used and controlled (according to the Sun's sign). There will almost inevitably be a need for self-knowledge, but in seeking it the tendency toward introspection is countered.

The drive for satisfaction
Sexual satisfaction can be a powerful outlet for self-expression, and the creative power of the Sun ensures that its achievement will be of paramount importance. The individual will certainly analyze every aspect of his or her sexuality if this fulfillment is lacking, and in extreme cases must counter an inclination to be obsessive about it. The driving force of the Sun may focus completely on sex for some people born with this placing, but for others it may center on money, its growth and the power that it brings. We often find those with this placing in financial careers. In a weak chart, or when the positive nature of the Sun is undermined by negative aspects (a square or opposition to Neptune, perhaps), there may be a tendency to live in hopes of an inheritance.

Understanding change
Transformation is one traditional association of this house, and it is easily seen in the need for self-knowledge, from which the individual can grow, develop and eventually change. The attitude to death should be positive, with the subject regarding it in an objective way as the ultimate and final transformation. This is the Pluto/Scorpio house, so the influence of that planet should be studied. However, unless Pluto is personalized in the birth chart, remember that its sign placing is a generation influence only.

Intellectual growth, the broadening of horizons and the taking of challenging journeys for mind and body are all ways in which the solar energy is directed from the ninth house. This was once known as the "house of dreams" - an interesting description because those for whom it is heavily tenanted may get rather carried away. If dreams are to become concrete reality, the subject must adopt a practical approach and channel his or her intellect in the necessary directions. The subject will then be able to develop his potential and make the most of the force of the Sun.

Knowledge and ambition
Further education, in the broadest sense, is related to ninth house matters, just as the third house focuses on education in general. We do not necessarily find those with this placing studying for exams well into their sixties, but the drive for the expansion of mind will nevertheless be present, and it is important for the individual to develop his own philosophy of life, with carefully considered religious beliefs based on definite conclusions. There are few limitations for the individual born with this placing, but nevertheless he should not strive so hard that he misses out on the simple pleasures of life or distances himself from less intellectually inclined or motivated people. This is the Sagittarius/Jupiter house. Therefore, if there is a sextile or trine between the Sun and Jupiter, the concerns of the house will be well integrated within the individual. If there is a square or opposition, it will be more difficult to control the action of the Sun and, even, to keep a sense of perspective. In any case, look for indications of practicality elsewhere.

A powerful need to make a mark on the world is shown by the individual with the Sun in the tenth house. Therefore, it is important that he or she is emotionally involved in the career, ambition or aspiration (after all, it is not everyone who has a career in the strict sense of the word). Worldly progress of one sort or another is of prime importance, and the Sun's vitality confers a driving force.

Attaining personal objectives
If fulfillment is being gained from effort, all well and good, but even so there are important questions to ask. For example, are those efforts misdirected, or totally impossible to achieve? (Neptune in conjunction or opposition to the Sun.) Is the individual motivated by power? (Uranus and/or Pluto in the tenth house with the Sun.) Is that need for power purely selfish or more altruistically oriented? (Mars personalized, Moon well-placed, respectively.) All these considerations must be taken into account, since the placing is, from the point-of-view of the chart itself, a powerful focal point. If all autocratic tendencies can be controlled, here is a big achiever, and if the Sun shines through a fire sign the individual will have an infectious enthusiasm.

If the Sun is in an earth sign, there will be practicality; in air, a lively intellectual rapport; in water, intuition. All these qualities will be expressed in the working life, both in the work itself and in the resulting dealings with others, and will help the subject towards attaining his or her personal objectives. This is the Capricorn/Saturn house: look to the influence and placing of Saturn.

Here is a social animal that needs to make his or her mark within the community. He or she will expend solar energies in the development and enjoyment of group activities, very often with humanitarian overtones. Charitable fund-raising, for example, will be an important and successful involvement for the individual. Don't forget the purely creative power of the Sun, which here can be expressed as a considerable source of inspiration to others, with group activities making the results well worthwhile. Care is needed, however, that the individual does not try to take control as soon as she comes on the scene. Instead, she should defer to others (and especially older, long-standing members of an organization), even if she thinks she could run things better herself. Despite needing everything that a full and rewarding social life brings, the subject must be careful not to distance herself from close contact with others. There can be conflict here, but she should be able to look at the situation in a rational and objective way. The life should be divided into compartments, so that there will be good close relationships and an ability to express love, while at the same time the subject aims to fulfill all the needs and expression of the Sun's energies through eleventh house matters.

The influence of Uranus
This is the Aquarius/Uranus house, so you will find some guidance as to how this conflict will be resolved by studying the position of Uranus and its aspects. For the ability to enjoy full emotional relationships, look both to Venus and the seventh house.

A very special perspective is added to the chart when the Sun falls in the twelfth house, for here is someone who needs peace and quiet, space and time alone whatever those may mean to the individual. If the Sun sign sympathizes, introversion and a lack of self-confidence will be present. However, creative power still comes from the Sun, even in this, the most withdrawn of all the twelve houses.

A need for security
In working behind the scenes, the individual will be shown at his or her best. If the result is creative, then it is behind these creations that he or she will hide, sometimes getting those who are less introspective and more assertive to do any selling of the end products. It is important for those close to the subject not to try to force her into a more extrovert lifestyle; partners and friends must realize and accept that her familiar environment is the only place in which she feels totally secure and therefore is where she functions best.

Self-interest and understanding
Self-knowledge, and the coming to terms with deep-rooted needs, is essential; it may well be more difficult for others to understand this than the individual herself. Well-meaning, more extroverted partners may sometimes find it necessary to end the relationship with these individuals, and allow them to live their lives uncluttered by what they believe to be unnecessary commitments that can become devitalizing burdens. They should be allowed to let the results of their labors speak for them, while at the same time making their feelings clear to loved ones in a way that expresses the strong, positive qualities of their Sun sign. This is the Pisces/Neptune house, so Neptune will now be personalized, thereby increasing that planet's importance in the birth chart. Don't gloss over its sign and house placing or the aspects it receives, as they will all throw a great deal of informative light on to the twelfth-house Sun.

As the Sun progresses through the signs, it also, of course, progresses through the houses. On the rare occasions that it moves from one house to the next (and to plot this correctly, the birth time must be strictly accurate), it is likely that the subject will reach a crossroads in life, with the concerns of the new house coming vividly to the fore. When the Sun changes signs, a slight blending of the characteristics of the two signs concerned can be seen.

Changing needs
When the progressed Sun moves from one house to another, the change is sharper, and original concerns which relate to the birth chart house (or, if the individual is older, perhaps to the previous progressed house) will tend to fade fairly quickly into the background although they will not necessarily disappear altogether. For instance, someone with a tenth house Sun that progresses into the eleventh house may feel that worldly ambitions and aspirations should, to some extent, now give way to a more fulfilled social life. On the other hand, someone with a fourth house Sun might, when it progresses into the fifth house, feel the need of more fun and games, and this person will find greater pleasure and satisfaction in the love life, in creativity and in sport. Each month, as the Sun appears to move through the zodiac signs, it also moves through the houses of the birth chart.

Journalist-astrologers make use of this phenomenon when writing Sun sign columns for the newspapers and magazines, using what are known as the solar chart. This involves placing the Sun sign where the Ascendant of the birth chart would be, and interpreting the Sun's house position for each sign. In natal astrology this is not an important factor, but when using astrology in everyday life it is worth remembering that the Sun's hints are always worth taking, and therefore concentrating on the concerns of the house through which it is transiting at any given time. For instance, think of increasing your income when the Sun is in the second house, starting a diet when it is in the sixth, and so on.



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